1.5 Conclusion

As explained earlier, one of the key success factors in promoting your sustainable sourcing strategy is to clearly demonstrate how it supports your core business strategy. With that in mind, you and your colleagues need to work on discovering the “smart zone” for the sustainable sourcing of your company, and clarify the thinking between the value drivers of the sustainable sourcing strategy, and the corporate strategy itself. This requires a change in mindset, which in itself also represents a challenge. More information is provided on this in Chapter 6.

To make it easy, try using the graphic below to work on what we call an ”elevator speech”, that is a short pitch that you can make to your colleagues in the few moments that it takes to ride a few floors in the elevator, and using the elements that we have presented in this chapter.  A prepared “elevator speech”  will help you to clearly communicate what you are doing to the outside world. An elevator pitch should be made up of no more than three sentences based on “bullet points” that describe the business rationale and value to the firm of what you are trying to achieve with your sustainable agricultural sourcing strategy. Perhaps the schema below, which serves to sum up the business logic presented in this chapter, will help you to do this, but again, do not forget to make your elevator speech company specific and as relevant to your own business as possible. 


Diagram 5: Summarising the Strategy
“Materials developed by IMD for the IMD/SAI Platform Master Class Training in Embedding Sustainable Agriculture Sourcing Strategies and based on research in Ionescu-Somers, A. And Steger, U. (2008) Business Logic for Sustainability: A Food and Beverage Industry Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan, UK”
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