2.1 Turning Intent into Action

We assume that your firm has already the intention to source its raw materials from sustainable agricultural sources or is inthe process of forming and articulating such an intention. This intention might stem from a company strategy, or the demand of an individual brand within the company or follow senior management decisions (see Part 2.2). In other cases, it may be the result of initiatives taken by departments and people responsible for sustainability, supply chain, procurement or related functional areas, with sufficient support from top management. The starting point is a strong motivation to procure raw materials from sustainable sources. Managers, especially procurement managers, are expected to make it happen. Some companies may also articulate general or specific sustainable sourcing targets, for example:

  • to only source from sustainable agriculture for all major agricultural raw materials;
  • to source all palm oil, soy and paper (for packaging) sustainably within 5 years;
  • to reduce the water and CO2 footprints of the company‚Äôs agricultural raw materials by 40%;
  • to source all coffee with UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance or organic schemes within two years;
  • to become the industry market leader for chocolate production from sustainable cocoa;
  • to set an industry benchmark for beer ingredients from sustainable agriculture.
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